Honeymoon Planning Checklist to Book Your Perfect Kerala Honeymoon Tour Package

Buying a prearranged tour takes care of every element of your travel – lodging, transportation, food, sight-seeing and any other experience you are looking for. This is especially beneficial for honeymooners who expect the trip to be a personal experience and aren’t looking for any kind of stress or surprises. Honeymoon packages in this case can be thought of as a neatly packed pretty wedding gift that always makes you smile! While there has been a growing number of backpacking honeymooners, it’s still not applicable to all of us. After all, the first vacation with our partner need not be stressful.

There could be several reasons why self arranged honeymoons can end in a disaster, ranging from the choice of wrong hotels, lack of proper transportation and sometimes even a wrong destination. That’s the reason why every honeymoon couple should be planning their vacation reasonably. Taking help of a tour operation will take care of most of the problems.

10 things to remember /do while choosing honeymoon tour package

#1 Fix your budget

Kerala Honeymoon Holidays
Kerala Honeymoon Holidays

First and foremost thing to do when planning a honeymoon trip is coming up with a budget. Depending on what kind of experiences you are looking forward to, the budget will differ. For example, the budget for a luxury vacation in a beach side resort will be different than an adventure trip and camping experience.

#2 List out the places you are willing to visit


Every holiday destination today offers a vast mix of experiences. If you are planning for extensive sightseeing, you must know the places that you shouldn’t be missing out on. A little research on the internet will not take up too much time. Ask your friends and relatives if they have chosen the same destination as you for their honeymoon and get idea about their experience and places.

#3 Research about package deals/offers

Now that you know where to go and how much to spend, the tour operator will come up with several packages with a different mix of experiences. You should spend some time comparing them before settling with one that meets your expectations.

#4 Read reviews about hotels/tour operators from past visitors

Again, the internet plays a vital role in ensuring that you have the best honeymoon experience. Read through the reviews of honeymooners and travelers who had already been to the place, experienced the hotel and have something to say about their experience. Reviews and ratings will help you make a fairly good choice.

#5 Be transparent (Bargain and ask everything about accommodation, food nearby places)

The hospitality industry is all about ensuring that the customer’s expectations are met. Further, when you are paying for something, you should know what exactly it is for. Don’t shy back to ask about the quality of service, the food and the suggested experiences that have been planned for you.

#6 Choose Resorts/Hotels wisely (Adults or Couples only)

When it comes to a honeymoon vacation, you should be more cautious about your safety and the travel expectations. No honeymooner should end up paying for a hotel that doesn’t have special provisions to facilitate a romantic holiday. Things like the guest policies, the extra amenities and the local mindset matter. Every tour operator provides you multiple hotel options to choose from but yet you need to check the online reviews for the hotel/resort locations and staff.

#7 Get Complete Details about your tour package


When you are opting for a honeymoon holiday package, it constitutes a pre-defined set of experiences. You should be aware of every part of the itinerary and everything that you are paying for. Every packaged tour consist things that have been covered and also defines elements that haven’t been. The list should be transparent.

#8 Make sure your package should have transportation

One of the most inconvenient experiences in honeymoon vacation is trying to get from one place to another. With a pre-designed itinerary the transportation needs should have been taken care of. In simpler words, there should be a taxi waiting for you when it’s time to go sightseeing or drop you to the airport. Make sure your tour package includes the transportation facility or ask tour operator about it (Don’t worry about extra cost if any) because you must need it on your honeymoon. If you go for taxi via your tour operator than you can trust him because he will be with you the whole day and helps you in time management, not get cheated, best food location and many more things. In short your taxi driver is your travel guide.

#9 Read Cancellation Policy Carefully

Though honeymoon vacations are a much awaited experience for anyone, there could always be eventualities and last minute change of plans. Consequently, you must be aware of the cancellation policies and the precise amount of money you are going to lose.

#10 Get all things in writing or email and don’t discuss everything on phone

Having a written statement about the things you have been promised by a tour operator always gives you an upper hand. Spoken guarantees can always be forgotten once you have paid for them. Seek it in writing or over email.

A honeymoon should be a memorable and romantic experience. However, even small things like exceeding the budget limit or carrying improper clothes for a destination can ruin the vacation. Be ready, be aware and have fun.