These 8 Kerala Festivals & Events are So Famous, But Why?

Do you want to experience the true culture of Kerala? participating in popular festivals is the best way to experience Kerala culture. In this article we will show you famous Kerala festivals and events you should never miss.

Kerala is known worldwide for its traditional inheritance and culture. Its diverse culture is made-up of the three protruding religions namely Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. Eye-catching sculptures, harmonious music and delightful dance forms can be seen in the significant growth of Kerala’s cultural civilizations. Festivals similarly play the imperative part in making Kerala well-known and most esteemed tourist destination. Let’s go through the numerous Kerala festivals and events those are worth attending once in lifetime:

List of Most Popular Kerala Festivals & Events:

#1 – Onam:

Onam- Kerala Festival

Being the main festival of Kerala, Onam is celebrated for the home-coming of mythical King Mahabali. Festivity of Onam lasts for 10 days and takes out the supreme of Kerala’s art, composition, and works in various ceremonies. It is harvest festival celebrated in God’s own country, Kerala. It is said that in the sovereignty of mighty King Mahabali; Kerala lived its happy and matchless time. But, Mahabali was self-centred. This imperfection in Mahabali’s character was used by Gods to bring an end to his authority as they felt rebelled by Mahabali’s increasing reputation. However, for the complete good effort done by Mahabali, God granted him a consecration that he could annually visit his people with whom he was so close.

  • Time Of Celebration: Malayali month Chingam i.e. August – September
  • Main Attractions of The Festival: Serpentine garlanded Pookalam, aromatic Onasadya, outstanding Snake Boat Race and fascinating Kaikottikali dance are some of the surprising features of Onam.

#2 – Thrissur Pooram:

Thrissur Pooram Temple Festival

Thrissur Pooram is mirrored to be the “Mother of all Poorams”, a traditional acme that retains above all other festivals. It is just not a temple festival but the festival of festivals of Kerala. It is a wonderful gathering of Gods and Goddesses in and around Thrissur; who make their visit to the Vadakumnathan Temple premises on caparisoned elephants accompanied by grand bands of Chendamelam and Panchavadyam. It is the most popular festivals of all Poorams. There are ten members of Pooram.

  • Time Of Celebration: Malayali month Of Medame. April-May
  • Main Attractions of The Festival: The carnivals and rituals of each of these theologies follow a very steady travel plan, intended to keep the pace of the Pooram celebrations upheld for 36 hours.

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#3 – Theyyam:

Theyyam is similarly recognized as Kaliyattam. It is a regal dance famous in north Kerala. It includes dance, mime and music as well as conserving the rudiments of traditional cultural viewpoints which devoted great implication to the religious zeal of courageous man and the spirits of descendants.

  • Time Of Celebration: Instigated annually from December to April
  • Main Attractions of The Festival: The diadem and other decorative prettifications are notable in sheer size and look.

#4 –  Pongala:

Attukal Pongala - Kerala Festivals

Pongala is an amongst the significant fiestas of Attukal Bhagavathy Temple. The festival inaugurates with the pleasant-sounding reading of the story of the Goddess (KannakiCharitam) in the “Kappukettu ceremony”. This Kerala festival honours the victory of Good over Wicked.

  • Time Of Celebration: Malayali month of Makaram – Kumbham i.e. February – March
  • Main Attractions of The Festival: Bands of multi-coloured floats on the god from all around accepted with grandeur and spiritual fanaticism by the disciples accumulating in the temple buildings offers a beautiful experience.

#5 – Vishu:

Vishukani (Vishu) - festival of kerala

The start of the Zodiac New Year; when the sun arises into Sidereal Aries, Ashwini Nakshatra – is celebrated as Vishu. It is assumed that what one sees after opening eyes on the morning of Vishu, a mark of what one can believe in the year ahead. So on Vishu, everyone tries to open their eye in front of a privileged image —the Vishukkani.

  • Time of Celebration: On the first day in the Malayali month of Medam i.e. April – May.
  • Main Attractions of The Festival: It is reflected as the day of eating, Veppampoorasam (a bitter dish of neem) as well as Mampazhapachadi (a sour mango soup).

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#6 – Kerala Village Fair:

Asymbolic Kerala village –“gramam” is redesigned entirely with the traditional Nalukettu houses, “chayakkada” local teashops etc. This fair indicates the pensive rebirth of past period of rural luxury and folkloric entreaty. Fortune-tellers, artisan and even jugglers, offer the traveler a view of Kerala’s wealthy past. Teak, Mahogany and Sandal wood furniture, Ornaments Boxes, Spice Cutleries, Traditional Jewelleries, Subtle Portrayals along with Shields and Rapiers Applied by men of yore are on exhibition.

  • Time Of Organizing: Mid – January every year.
  • Main Attractions of The Event: At ‘Kamalagramam’, the artists’, stand vending handcrafted articles.

#7 – Nehru Trophy Boat Race:

Nehru Trophy Boat Race in Kerala

Once Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru sailed from Kottayam to Alappuzha by boat, over water logged Kuttanad. Lots of boats accompanied him on the trip. The first race was unprompted in 1952 in the honour of Panditji who visited Alappuzha. Later, Alappuzha celebrate the Nehru Trophy Boat Race every year.

  • Time Of Organizing: 2nd Saturday of August every year
  • Main Attractions of The Event: The race course is around 1370 meters long is divided into many tracks for the commencement of the race.

#8 – Champakulam Boat Race:

This champakulam boat race is held on River Pamba. On the race day, localities and tourists drove to the river bank to enjoy the boat race. The snake boat race is considered as the ultimate test of determination, fleetness and skill in this canton and rowers numbering about 90 to 100 on each boat go through stark training for many days, before participating in the race.

  • Time of Organizing: Malayali month of Mithuname. in June/July.
  • Main Attractions of The Event: Among the boat types, the snake boats are the centre of attraction.

Though as such there is no fix time to visit Kerala; but you can always plan your Kerala trip during these Kerala festivals seasons to re-energize you. When you plan your next Kerala tour, do consult with your  Kerala tour planner. They will be able to guide you and your friends and make arrangements to enjoy the Kerala festival according to the season.